ASG plans, designs and builds the pathways that Information and Communication Technology service providers require to hook up new customers for voice and data services. We are a one-stop shop, capable of taking a copper- or fiber-networking project from inception (a customer’s request for new service) to the point at which cables can be run directly to a home or a business.

Our services include:



Easements / Permitting

OSP Engineering Services – Outside Plant

ISP Engineering Services – Inside Plant

Third-Party Services


Administrative Support

Project Management

Field Surveys

Training Services

GIS Mapping

Construction Services

Inside Pathway

Information Services

  • Data Mining
  • Apps
  • Software

Fiber Splicing

Aerial and Underground Cable Placement

Service Drops

Service Calls

Traditional and Micro Trenching

Rod & Rope

Make Ready Room Services

Power Inspection Services

Inventory Management

Equipment Installs and Removals