About Us

Who We Are

Anthony Tepedino keeps his company’s original business plan in the forefront of his mind

ASG’s CEO and President reflects that the company expanded by recognizing clients’ needs and providing them with the tools necessary for ASG to complete their builds. “We started developing new skillsets [as needed],” recalls Tepedino. “There are over 17 disciplines (i.e. surveys, designs, mapping, etc.)  in engineering alone—and we do them all in-house.”

In the last decade, ASG has become a pivotal leader in the information communication technology industry, providing end-to-end solutions with design and construction services. The fast-growing company has increased its employee base by 197% in the last five years.

A Competitive Advantage

We boast two vital assets that separate us from competitors: a highly adaptable workforce and cutting-edge intelligence.

Well-Trained Crews
From our beginnings as a right-of-way company, we have curated talent in every facet of the business to become a true plan/design/build provider, which delivers benefits:

  • More strategic relationships that expedite permitting by keeping projects in-house
  • More ROI by reducing error and inefficiencies by leveraging the same crews
  • More on-time, on-budget projects done right the first time

Next-Level Tech
Telecom providers have powered into the 5G market with our ground-breaking data mining and management services that create a richer experience:

  • Optimize infrastructure faster, smarter through pinpoint innovation
  • Reduce redundancies, maintenance costs with data-driven designs
  • Expand anywhere—urban, rural, rugged—without concern