Per a KPMG analysis, just a quarter of infrastructure projects finish within 10% of their scheduled deadlines. McKinsey, a global management consulting firm, reports that large infrastructure projects take 20% longer to complete than planned and run 80% over budget. Our industry can do better. So, can you. Here are three solutions on how to complete a project on time and budget with the proper local contracting services.
Posted: 8/4/2021 2:15:30 PM
Go below the paved surface. It has been for years. It’s called boring. As decades of technological advancements have unfolded, so, too, have your boring options, each presenting their assortment of physical, safety and budgetary requirements, and restrictions. Let’s discuss three prevailing boring methods for larger-scale projects, and whether each one is right for the big-time project you have in mind.
Posted: 8/4/2021 2:12:56 PM
What is an easement? What are rights-of-ways? How are they the same—and different? What do they give the grantee permission to do—and not do? It depends, of course, on a case-by-case basis, which is why you need an experienced right-of-way contractor. In the meantime, here are a few high-level pointers to help guide you.
Posted: 8/4/2021 2:10:04 PM
Carriers have started to turn to small cells to provide network coverage to smaller areas. Wireless experts say small cells are must-haves for the implementation of 5G wireless technology. Here's why.
Posted: 8/4/2021 2:05:40 PM
5G will redefine your network and drastically transform how we work, live, and play. The information superhighway will hit breakneck, record speeds, connecting everyone and everything. Machines, objects, devices—all of them, instantly. Let’s detail three ways 5G can and will improve your community’s network services.
Posted: 8/4/2021 1:57:09 PM
Tunnel construction makes up a significant component of our world’s civil engineering infrastructure. Just look at a map. The instances are here, there—everywhere. No wonder tunnel work and engineering are considered two of the most specialized and challenging construction arts. Each requires a different kind of method of tunnel construction. But what are those methods? Why are they used, and when? The answers to those questions depend on numerous factors, including:
Posted: 8/4/2021 1:44:51 PM
Each state has its specific way of granting right-of-way approval, simultaneously adhering to federal requirements. What intricacies does your right-of-way project entail? What steps can you take now to secure a successful, legally binding right-of-way acquisition? Every case and situation is different, but let’s review some basic procedures to help you start.
Posted: 8/4/2021 1:34:57 PM
The concrete and construction industries now use more of what's called green concrete. Invented in Denmark in 1998, it has nothing to do with its color. Instead, it’s what it can do to help the world keep its color. We’ll explain how below, plus detail what eco-friendly green concrete is and how it can give your infrastructure project a green thumbs-up—environmentally and economically.
Posted: 6/25/2021 3:24:07 PM
According to the Fiber Broadband Association, there are now a variety of well-known funding channels available. Private investment is one. Public leasing is another, plus federal and municipal funding. We'll look at each option and detail how each presents a compelling case to invest in the fiber optic network your community sorely needs.
Posted: 6/25/2021 3:20:33 PM
Decreases cost, a speedier project timeline, and less disruption to nearby communities—no doubt, microtrenching is a win-win for most projects and another instrument in a construction or utility contractor’s toolbelt. But is it right for you?
Posted: 6/25/2021 3:06:08 PM
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