We provide a 360-degree construction service solution, building pathways for Tier 1 telecom providers to install utility poles and cable in some of the densest urban environments in the United States.

Comprehensive installation know-how

  •  Pipe and box
  •  Decorative molding, risers
  •  EMT, HDPE, PVE, Micro-Duct

Specialized equipment

  •  Large, small digger UTV derrick trucks for confined spaces

OSHA certifications

  •  Experienced, insured linemen



Our 3-inch-wide saw eliminates the need for large scale excavation and minimizes environmental impact while creating multiple pathways for the installation conduit and cable.

Our state-of-the-art technique:

  •  Reduces road and sidewalk closures
  •  Restores traffic patterns within hours—not days or weeks.
  •  Minimizes impact on neighboring business owners


We use minimally impactful horizontal directional drilling during underground and underwater construction. This technique:

  •  Protects environmentally sensitive areas, such as road, shoreline, and waterways
  •  Drives lower costs, quicker completions, and fewer disruptions

Vault Placement & Removal

ASG has extensive experience removing retired underground structures, which are below-ground structures and originally placed to protect equipment and the aesthetics above ground but have come to the end of their useful life.

We have trained technicians and an array of equipment to decommission and remove the vaults.

Splicing & Testing

ASG’s expertise includes splicing the latest high-density fiber cables.

We leverage our in-house training facilities and instructors to ensure that our splicing technicians are current with evolving products and procedures associated with these new technologies.

Using a variety of equipment from manufactures like EXFO and Viavi, our technicians provide “real-time” results with Singlemode and Multimode Fiber. These tests include Optical Power, Attenuation and Loss, Source Wavelength, Backscatter for loss, Fault location, Bandwidth/Dispersion, Reflectance and Fiber Geometry. To ensure accurate results, we calibrate our equipment yearly.

Expertise, Equipment & Talent

We have the personnel, experience, and equipment to install the path you need, including pipe and box, decorative molding, and riser.

Included is the handling and installation of EMT, HDPE, PVC, and Micro-duct for the following projects:

  •  Central office switching
  •  Power plants
  •  Distribution frames
  •  Data center designs
  •  Remote switching
  •  Emergency power