Plan & Design


We deliver turn-key, fiber-design solutions, enabling innovative network transformations for the nation’s providers of wireline, wireless and CATV services.

Our solutions design the infrastructure that sends the fiber network directly to cell sites, DMARC locations, businesses and homes.

In-house engineers, drafters and project managers ensure a smooth workflow from beginning to the designing the “last mile.” We also track KPIs to optimize performance.

  •  Macro cell site
  •  Micro cell site
  •  FTTX

Right-of-Way & Site Acquisitions

The ability to place facilities in the Right-of-Way (ROW) is one of the biggest challenges to building a state-of-the-art network. Since we began as a company proving ROW and access agreements, we have perfected an approach that gets the job done countrywide.

ASG has the expertise, experience, and workforce to locate, negotiate and file private easements and access agreements. If necessary, we will work with surveying, real estate, and legal experts to finish the job.


At ASG, we understand that acquiring permits may be the most challenging phase of a project. ASG has a centralized permitting department that works with local municipalities to file and acquire permits for our clients. Our local presence develops the relationship that is necessary to get permits submitted and approved promptly. ASG’s approach enables the client and our project managers to have easy and real-time visibility of each permit filed.


We make data talk by designing and building infrastructure that connects your central office to your client.

  •  Standard Broadband (Copper-based technology like DSL)
  •  Fiber-Optic Broadband (Radio Waves)

With experienced personnel located nationwide, ASG has designed more than a million feet of cable in urban and rugged terrain as part of the federal initiative, “Connect America Fund,” which brings voice and broadband services to underserved or unserved rural areas


Our wireless division consists of product experts that provide turnkey design solutions for small cell and tower sites.

We identify quality sites, negotiate leases, access agreements, and permit the site.  Our team of engineers design the site, provide structural analysis, and deliver detailed design and construction drawings

Detailed RF Design

ASG installs Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) systems that use fiber from the head-end or central office to a node, deploying fiber deeper into the network while utilizing the existing coax cable and upgraded equipment to provide a quality digital signal to customers. As the rest of the country upgrades to fiber-only cable television, HFC serves as a cost-effective transition away from RF (radio frequency) analog cable systems.

ASG’s ROW agents and construction crews are experienced in all aspects of fiber and coax installation. We are also well-versed in permitting, designing, and constructing any type of coax or HFC system

Small Cells

Small cell sites have several advantages over larger cell sites: they require less real estate, they are considerably less expensive to build, and they face fewer regulations. The amount of bandwidth used at each small-cell site is monitored in real time so the capacity of the network can be adjusted to reduce latency and increase data speeds. Because of their flexibility and density, small cell can massively increase the speed in which data is trafficked, optimizing service for homes and businesses. 

At ASG, we transform today into tomorrow.