Technology Solutions

Software Development

We are at the cutting-edge of technological advancement.

We offer tool development and enhanced workflow solutions to our clients. These products improve workflow tools and provide map-based solutions, automated trackers, and advanced-level reporting.

Rather than relying on spreadsheets and manual programs, we provide companies with the power to utilize application-based solutions in the cloud to support their business development.

We resolve and enhance many types of software challenges, including but not limited to:

  •   Cloud services
  •   Web services
  •   Product design

GIS Mapping

We have experience locating and mapping infrastructure in some of the most complex environments in the country. The data is transferred to our proprietary software, allowing us to add an extra layer of value to our services:

  •  Collect, aggregate and digitize multi-formatted infrastructure maps and plans
  •  Consolidate historic project completions and active worksites
  •  Deliver to clients’ existing mapping software, a layered view and filter tools that enable a selection of views of all facilities
  •  Provide critical insights that accelerate accurate and proactive decision-making

Managed Services

We provide a variety of processes and functions to improve operations and cut expense. Services include:

  •  Internet service providers
  •  Bill consolidation and optimization
  •  IT Management
  •  VOIP solutions
  •  Staff Augmentation
  •  Hardware maintenance