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Construction worker reporting an incident on a clipboard.

Incident Reporting

All incident and accidents company-wide are to be reported by phone to the Compliance Department: 1-833-461-1615

This includes, but is not limited to, utility hits (even damage to conduit), injuries, motor vehicle collisions, and/or damages, equipment damages, theft/vandalism, or third-party damage claims. If you have any questions on whether or not something classifies as an incident, please call 1-833-461-1615 or email

All employees may call and report incidents or accidents (management no longer needs to report on behalf of their team members). All of the appropriate notifications thereafter will be routed by Compliance (we will notify Fleet, Safety, HR, etc.)

Incident Occurence

  • If emergency services are needed, please call them immediately.
  • Please note, photos will need to be taken at the scene and emailed to within 24 hours of the incident (Utility strikes should always include usage of the utility hit kit in the photos).
    • Photos are to be taken from every angle of the incident or accident scene.
    • Be sure to include close ups and distance shots, as well as aerial-angles when appropriate.
    • GPS Coordinates and Timestamp must be on every submitted photo.
Construction worker observing a construction site and reporting workplace safety.
Construction worker investigating an accident and reporting it on a clipboard.

Accident Investigation

Please use the following steps when reporting and investigating an incident or accident:

  • Report the accident to a designated person within the organization.
  • Provide first-aid and medical care to injured person(s), and prevent further injuries or damage.
  • Investigate the accident.
    • Observe the scene of the accident, and record information (who, what, where, and when).
    • Preserve the accident scene and any evidence.
    • Interview witnesses independently.
    • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Identify causes, and report findings.