ASG, Inc. – Plan, Design, Build, Service.

What We Do

Network Infrastructure

A turnkey solution to build the telecom infrastructures of the future.

  1. Plan & Design
    • FTTX
    • Right of Way & Site Acquisitions
    • Broadband

  2. Build
    • Aerial
    • Underground
    • Splicing & Testing
    • Microtrenching

  3. Service
    • Quality Assurance
    • Emergency Response
    • Project Management
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Maintenance

Data Services

Increasing the intelligence of data through collection, analysis and integration – providing the solution to ensure smarter business solutions.

  1. Plan
    Gathering the data in various forms
    • Data Collection

  2. Design
    Sorting and sanitizing raw data into arranged and classified system(s) to ultimately create graphical representation of information.
    • Data Organization
    • Data Visualization

  3. Build
    Providing different storage solutions to make data-driven decisions to improve and drive growth of the business
    • Data Storage (file storage, SSD, cloud, datacenter facilities, remote terminals, head end sites, equipment inventory, single location for all data)
    • Data Intelligence (data mining, data storage, legacy migration, data governance, digital scanning, final posting, inventory validation, GIS mapping, apps creation)

  4. Service
    Maintaining and managing the data to continuously meet the client’s needs

  5. GIS Mapping
    (georeferencing, geocoding, field maps, distribution maps, heat maps)


  1. Plan
    When existing infrastructure needs reinforcement or new technologies require new networks ASG has the personnel, equipment, and knowledge.
    • Extensive understanding of the project location
    • Identification and relationship with all involved parties
  1. Design
    ASG can design even the most difficult bores using state of the art methods to ensure the best opportunity for a seamless construction projects
    • In-house geotechnical engineering
    • Continuous education on best methods

  1. Build
    ASG uses state of the art equipment and software to align and track the bores with “real time” reporting on progress and tracking during construction.
    • Experienced teams
      • Construction Crews
      • Safety Officers
      • Project Managers
    • Extensive reporting structures for real-time tracking

  2. Service
    ASG has developed the techniques needed to locate, map and protect existing infrastructures despite the lack of asbuilt records.
    • Trained professionals
    • Knowledge
    • Experience

EV Charging

Providing our turnkey build process in the EV sector using in-house teams.

  1. Plan
    Collaboration with site hosts to determine the best option for the build.
    • Turnkey Build – in-house teams handle the project from site survey to commissioning

  2. Design
    Understanding the scope of work through communication with utilities and municipalities to determine the available power or lack thereof.
    • Site Plan Creation


  3. Build:
    Full turnkey build


  4. Service:
    Quick response and solution time for EV Charging Needs
    • 24/7 call center